Trojans News · Update on spectators attending athletic events from WPIAL Executive Director Amy Scheuneman

Good Morning,

As many of you know, House Bill 2787 (giving local schools the ability to make decisions about facility capacity during their school events) passed the House 155-47 and passed the Senate, 39-11. These votes send a sign to the Governor that the legislature has the 2/3 votes needed to override a veto.

Once it gets signed by both the Senate and the House, it will go to the Governor who may sign it, veto it, or let it sit for 10 days and become law. By way of the article link below, the Governor plans to veto the bill, but we will need to wait and see how it further develops.

Hopefully this situation will be resolved within the next 2 weeks and the standards of 250 outside and 25 inside will change to the desire of each individual school while adhering to the CDC guidelines.

At this point however, we are all still at the 25 and 250 limits so please be conscious of these numbers until the legislation becomes law.

Thank you!

~Amy Scheuneman,

Executive Director

Western PA Interscholastic Athletic League